Health Hackathon Networking Success


Chloe Goodred and Jill Orford both work in healthcare while raising their children and also working on their startup, Healthscreen Hub. Through the Perth entrepreneurial community, they were inspired and connected with people from different industries who they would never have been exposed to in their healthcare jobs.

Rebel Boylan
March 8, 2018

Chloe’s first taste of the startup culture in Perth was at the Fiona Stanley Hospital Health Hackathon in 2017, while Jill had attended Perth Web Girls previously. They met for the first time at the Hackathon last year, being placed on the same team and were motivated by working with amazing people with a range of health and tech backgrounds. Also part of their team was FLUX member Daniel Gouvignon, who assisted the duo by building a platform for them to test their concept.

By the end of the weekend, their team had a prototype, and this has evolved into the product they’re still working on now.

Chloe has kept up her career in health project management and raising two small children. Also a mum, Jill is a medical specialist with 4 older kids who keep her up to date with technology. The duo both are determined to still juggle work their other jobs, and family, while developing HealthScreen Hub.

Chloe and Jill knew from experience that there are so many opportunities to improve efficiency and increase access to healthcare. That's why they are so passionately working to create HealthScreen Hub, a digital chronic illness risk screening program to target populations who wouldn’t usually access resources for risk screening and disease prevention. Their aim is to fill a gap and create connections between those people and primary care or online resources/support.

They’re recently been accepted to the Intensify Program at Spacecubed but say that their biggest success is, “keeping together after the Hackathon and hatching a viable business plan which we are now seeing through”. In 2018 they’re hoping to complete the development of HealthScreen Hub and start implementing it in a financially sustainable way that progresses their mission to reduce the onset and progression of preventable chronic illness.

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