Flexible Options Allow JourneyOne to Scale


JourneyOne is a Business and IT consultancy that have been a part of the Spacecubed community for over five years now. Founded in 2011 by Chuen Seet and Chris Benthien, they have grown alongside us and now have over 60 consultants who are leading or creating some of the most innovative solutions in Perth.

Rebel Boylan
March 8, 2018

Prior to joining Spacecubed, JourneyOne had a team of less than 10 operating out of coffee shops. Spacecubed provided them with “a flexible and adaptive work environment” and allowed them to work on the core business. They now work for some of the most prominent organisations in Perth, in areas such as mining, oil & gas, government, higher education and health, with current clients including Murdoch University and WA Health.

Their biggest success story, however, is JourneyOne in itself. As JourneyOne has a strong focus on bringing innovation into larger companies seeking change, being part of the Spacecubed community has allowed them to connect, learn more, and share innovation and product ideas with others. Highlights from the past few years include participating in a tour of the Singapore start-up ecosystem with Brodie McCulloch and others from Perth, as well as JourneyOne co-founder Chris Benthien participating in Vocus-Startup as a mentor.

Although they have a sizable team, the majority of their staff work on-site with clients removing the need for a large head office. Riff’s flexible co-working model suited them as it allowed them to vary the number of people they had in at one time, without paying for services and space they did not require.

Separate from the consulting side of things, JourneyOne has been incubating a new product over the past 12 months called Jibility. Jibility is a platform comprised of an app, a book and a canvas, all dedicated to helping the user build their own business and technology strategy roadmaps. The tool was inspired by a recurring challenge JourneyOne encountered with clients over the years: bridging the gap between strategy and execution. The development of a strategy roadmap is the key to bridging this gap, and Jibility is designed to be a simple, fast and consistent solution. Still in the early stages, Jibility has just been soft-launched, with a global launch coming in mid 2018.

You can find out more about JourneyOne, and Jibility, here, and if you are keen to see how the Spacecubed community can assist your team with adaptable office solutions please get in touch with us here.