Airbnb Solutions with Airsorted Perth


Meet Olivia Bradley, a Riff coworker launching UK based company Airsorted into the Perth market.

November 26, 2018

Operating an Airbnb may seem like a simple way to add an additional cash flow to everyday living. Rent out the granny flat, the holiday house or the investment property. A short-term rental equals higher turnover at a higher nightly rate; the catch is that most people don’t realise the hours of work that go into such an operation until they are in the thick of the business- it may seem like a flexible side hustle on paper, but the reality is that hosts need to be available almost 24/7.

It was precisely this reason that Airsorted co-founder, and now CEO, James Jenkins-Yates began Airsorted after setting up his own Airbnb property. Starting in London in 2015 and growing within a year to Edinburgh and Dublin; the focus was initially on these “hub” cities. Taking the hassle out of hosting, the business has grown internationally in the space of three years; hitting Australian shores in 2017. Airsorted now serve over 300 properties in the huge Airbnb market of Sydney and that figure is still growing. Melbourne and Auckland in NZ each have over 100 clients and 2018 has seen launches in Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast.

Naturally, the next step was to jump over the Nullabor to the closest Australian destination for visitors flying in from Europe and South East Asia. Blessed with a warm climate, glistening beaches and a wine region just 30 minutes from the CBD; the business has already picked up a number of properties within the first month of operation. Olivia Bradley has been working with Airsorted since 2017, and jumped at the chance to launch the business into the Perth market.

“I came across Airsorted when I graduated from University and was looking for an operational role. I was really keen to be a part of a startup, where the work I was doing would really have an effect on the growth and success of the company. I was also very excited at the work Airsorted were doing, treading new ground as a company and being the best in the business at what they do.”

The business provides all the necessary services to make running an Airbnb property a stress-free endeavour. From listing creation, price optimisation, guest communications and vetting, 24 hour check-in, linen laundering and professional cleaning. Summer is the ideal time to launch in Perth, with a huge number of cultural and sporting events amongst the general activities that draw people to the city. “I was very keen to take up the opportunity to come to Perth and set up the operations of the company here. Australia is a country that has always fascinated me and I am really enjoying learning about the culture here, and the Airbnb market.”

Setting up a new business and a new home at the same time is never going to be an easy task but Olivia has taken things in her stride and turned challenges into opportunities. “Moving to the other side of the world on my own was a big leap for me but the rewards have been enormous. It has also been hard having to build new relationships in a new city, but nonetheless exciting.” Finding the right people to live and work with in a new city is of utmost importance to both personal fulfilment and business growth.

Since joining the Spacecubed community, she has found her feet with the network of like-minded individuals and business startups at coworking space Riff.

Working independently amongst other people forging their own way in their markets has helped Olivia establish in WA, exploring partnership opportunities and growth strategies for the Perth market. Whilst it is early days for the business, Olivia likes to aim high – as do all of the startups that have forged their way at Spacecubed. “In 5 years time I would love to see Airsorted managing over 10,000 homes globally. We are currently managing 3000 homes across the world so I'm sure this is on the horizon for us!”

If you’re keen to find a home in the Spacecubed community, please get in contact here, and to take advantage of a special rate for Spacecubed members get in touch with Olivia here!