A New Job at the Same Desk


Event manager Magda Thibaut joined Spacecubed over a year ago and didn’t know anyone working from the space; recently she landed a new job without even moving desks using connections she made in the community.

Rebel Boylan
March 8, 2018

While she’s made many friends and connections in the Spacecubed community her favourite one would be her colleague Jade. Having sat opposite her for quite some time the two had become friends over coffee while sharing office banter. At the end of last year Magda was told that her job was being relocated interstate, given the choice moving or leaving the company Magda chose to stay in Perth. Upon coming in to clear her desk Jade put her in contact with head office and she was offered a new job at her old desk!

Magda’s best advice for anyone wanting to improve their networking skills is simple, “say yes to invitations and go”. When she first joined Spacecubed she didn’t know anyone so attending networking events and social functions was a little daunting, however it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Finally stepping out of her comfort zone and saying yes a little more meant she got to meet some great people and make vital connections.

For Magda, the best thing about working from Riff is the how well the design incorporates modern elements with comfort in mind. She says, “it’s honestly like working in the pages of an interior design magazine. The phone booths and meeting cubicles are my favourite through, they look incredible and are functional”. Magda is also lucky enough to have a river view from her desk as well!

In 2018 Magda is looking forward to making time for her hobbies. Last year, upon realising that unless she scheduled things into her calendar they just didn't happen. She wants to learn spanish as well as being able to code a website so she has made a weekly appointment into her calendar to get it done.