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Supporting members to achieve sustainability and growth.

A space for impact-driven members in a collaborative environment, uniquely designed to spark new conversations.

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Riff has been custom designed for startups, small to medium sized companies and larger organisations to facilitate and support the growth of their business, connect them to networks and increase opportunities for collaboration and innovation

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Our mission is to provide a space that supports all organisations to achieve their goals

Riff is a welcoming working environment that is perfect for businesses, freelancers and corporates that are looking to be sustainable and grow.


Coworking at Riff provides the flexibility, connections and facilities for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs at all stages.

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Resident Desks

Our Resident desks are perfect for individuals and teams of any size to run their business, network and reduce overheads whilst being able to engage in our community.

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Office Spaces

The office spaces at Riff are perfect for organisations which seek a vibrant culture in a central CBD location, but seek a little more privacy when working.

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Meeting Rooms

Located in the heart of the CBD, Riff’s meeting rooms are great for anything from meetings and workshops, to training sessions and cater for up to 20 people.

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Event Spaces

The Riff event spaces are inviting and built for creativity and collaboration, and can cater for up to 120 people.

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We believe that a healthy work-life balance is paramount to success

Riff therefore offers a range of membership options, including resident and coworking desks, giving our members the flexibility and freedom to do what they choose and work when they want.

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Companies who work in our space

Two years in...had already joined a startup team and founded two of my businesses

Josh Fernandes, Creative Frontier

We are surrounded by innovators, entrepreneurs and experts from so many industries

Karen Thompson and Kim Padmore, People 2 People

I love working here, because the community is so diverse and presents numerous opportunities for collaboration.

Jomay Cao, MONFORM